selfie. in a different way.

Feeling cosy these days. 
Candles, blankets, Christmas lights, socks and sweaters...everything is sooo, soooo...cute.
Trying to figure it out, how and WHEN to buy all the presents for my least I know my presents packaging will be great:)It's gonna be the very first time I first thought of the gift wrapping rather than about WHAT TO BUY.

bits of everything

If You want one, write me on Facebook;)

Lately, on weekends...
I'm totally inlove with minions <3

This had to be for a halloween:)I forgot to post it, cause I had just returned from trip to denmark and was enormously tired on that day.

Have a fabulous week!


-Noblesse oblige, - tarstelėjo katinas ir įpylė Margaritai kažkokio skysčio į stiklinaitę.
-Degtinė? - silpnu balsu paklausė Margarita.
Katinas įsižeidęs net šoktelėjo ant kedės.
-Ką jūs kalbat, karaliene, - sušvokštė jis, - argi aš drįsčiau įpilti damai degtinės? Grynas spiritas!

Shopping !!!!!!

Haven't decided what to buy to your little/big brother, sister, mother, father, boyfriend/girlfriend,aunt (etc.) for Christmas, birthday, valentine's day (etc.)?
Well, I have few ideas - write me ;)

Love will move mountains.

Laters, baby (c) 

And YES I've read 50 shades of fucked up :D

bang bang

First thought when the car crashes into my bike? 
Fuck, I don't have time for this. 
Second - Fuck, hows my camera?! 
Third - don't remember

Shit happens. Thanks for people goodnes and quick reaction.

sum sum summer

Spent some time in my hometown on July.
Was inspired so much by mum's flowers, gardens, summerish meadows


Have a nice Saturday evening! 
Weather in Lithuania is more than perrrrfect.
I'm taking my bike and going to the city center to have a big cup of frozen yogurt and to watch  Mood Indigo!


do more of what makes YOU happy.

"Someday we gonna live.." where we want to
During past few months I was just running and running and running. And didn't see anything but work and studies (ok, I'm lying - there were much more than studies and work, but you know..this doesn't deny the fact that I didn't see anything around). And yesterday I just opened my eyes (or maybe it's the result that I finally slept more than 4 hours? ), and realized that it's last day of June. June! Half of the year - done!?

When I got back my freedom (I mean - now I have this pleasure to plan my workday as I want - it's a little bit shocking, but oh well..I can get used to it..) optimism jumped out of me as a gang pf crazy dogs and fled(?) in all directions.
You know that strange feeling when you're working, but you do not notice it? Hi five.

Have a nice and lovely evening! 
Read a few pages of a good book.. have a cup of - let's say - strawberry tea and go to sleep! 

Ciao mew!

"Good guys screw you, Bad guys screw you and the rest don't know how to screw you" - Samanta Jones

"My life is a mess and I adore it" or "Live through it and deal with it"

Well, as mess as it is now it wasn't ever before, I suppose. But I just wanted to say - it is FUN. To have feelings. Finally. Again. I soak up every single something out of latter days, months.

Who knows Sex&The city (I would be surprised, if someone don't), will understand this: 
"When Big colours... he rarely stays inside the lines."
Summer came, huh?

cheers to men's day

When I'm not drawing it's like my hands are so angry on me. I mean it:D Then I'm always cut my fingers, scratch my hands and so on. It's like they are saying to me: if you're not drawing, Laima, you're doing no good at all
What can I say 
I drew this for the men's day celebration
More to come
So if you like "3D effect" in illustrations, come here again

See You
p.s. I'll have some good news soon
"Bear-adveturer" went on journey once again. I'm thinking about postcards with this one

Oh, I'm gonna be a godmother soon:)! Few days ago I bought this plaything for my godsun. It says "I loooooove chocolate" in that super-funny voice when you press its hand.

In the balcony..

 Everything gets greener and greener so quickly .. 


Spring-cleaning at home. Making fun of Ronis. Throwing away stuff I do not use&I do not need anymore. Making room for new stuff. And fresh minds. That's springlife.

Two weeks ago I bought this book. An old man in a market were selling antiques and when I saw this "soviet era" art album.. oh boy..

Two new guys in my illustration list:

And what about me..i need changes.
 I'm counting on You, Spring.