17 January, 2016

Stolen publications 4th issue!

Forgot to show you collaboration with "Stolen publications" results.

 My illustration and scribble interview are in 4th issue published in 2015 december (was perfect christmas gift for myself, huh!).
"Volume Four is jam packed with over 90 contributors from 20 countries all over the globe, including Switzerland, South Africa, Peru, Italy, Panama, Hong Kong, and Germany. <...> Volume Four also features over 5 unique analogue interviews with contributors. Created by Lisa Currie from the Scribble Diary <..>"

Happy to be part of this issue! :) Gray happy too, as you see.

07 January, 2016

90s love!

This week went by really quickly. And it was all about pinteresting, lazying, reading
The Hobbit & Murakami. And about 90s! 90s (and sometimes 00s) style and lifestyle has a special place in my heart (where everything is covered with nostalgia!).

Maybe you do have special decade you're inlove?